Say No to Love

This novel tells the couple about the boss and the secretary called Vishnu and Goddess. Vishnu is the President Director of Communications Helman, a multinational telecommunications company and entertainment. It is also the eldest son Rijanto Helman, CEO Helman Corporation, the parent company Helman Comm. Vishnu life changed when he received the Goddess of the rookie and still green as his secretary.

For fun, he memelonco Goddess on her first day at work. Not unexpectedly, the Goddess of anger and rage peloncoan clumsy because of it. Vishnu who feel guilty are then apologized in a very spectacular. And a rather odd prefix was then brought to the point that their relationship is also unexpected.

More than just boss and secretary, they soon become familiar and close like a pair of buddies in the school or college. Not only that, Goddess of cheerful disposition and a variety of expertise and interest in him accepted quickly by the Helman family.

So, rumors, gossip, rumor, suspicion, and accusations about their closeness was rampant. Almost everyone agreed that they should be invented, because the familiarity they prove that they are both fit each other.

Funny thing is, Vishnu and Goddess alone actually ignored me and take all the wind. They both do not find the chemistry and the special feeling that makes them have to move more in common than just friendship.

But when the love story of each one eventually foundered, and are both subject to the rock by love, they were confronted with a reality that is very difficult to be explored. If they are equally suitable and perfect for each other, still love it necessary condiments and a reason to unite

Pengarang: Wiwien Wintarto


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